About Us

We were born in 2016. A family project about something that defines a family: its home.
We know where the soul of our business is: care, dedication, solutions to new challenges. These are our values.
We were one of the first to create a local accommodation in Oporto historical riverside (Ribeira). In five years, we succeed and grew.
We are a family, and our homes are yours.

Stay.in Apartments

Oporto riverside
The Ribeira

From the Medieval Era and from centuries after, the Oporto riverside, named Ribeira, was the economic and financial centre of the city. Ships arrived from Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Russia... trading a little of everything, and of course Port wine! Dive into the animation of the historic Ribeira, experience pure Mediterranean cuisine, cross the river on the traditional boat, the Rabelo, or cross the bridge built before the Eiffel Tower and go to the Port Wine cellars.

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Old Town

Eight hundred years of history! The cathedral where Crusaders knelt, the bell tower of the Clérigos church, world jewel of the Baroque, the centenary Lello, the most beautiful bookstore in the world! Every step is a discovery!

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